The Importance of Having your Own Emergency Food Supplies

The Importance of Having your Own Emergency Food Supplies

Yourself. Your Family. Your Future.

In our lifetime we will collectively witness a meteoric rise of the population, technological advancements, global shifts in social norms and a restless political climate. In an ever-changing and evolving world, one constant we must all remember is change. Our responsibility as family members, citizens and neighbors is inherently present during moments of duress but our strength and fighting spirit in times of need has proven to be among humanity’s greatest offerings. On any given day we face a host of potential dangers from rogue bacteria and airborne illness to natural disasters and economic instability. Being informed and prepared in the face of a catastrophic event is more important than ever. 

Storable foods, emergency rations and food preservation itself has been an invaluable resource in our survival communities and civilizations for centuries. Societies have developed numerous useful and beneficial practices to not only keep our edibles fresh for the coming days or weeks ahead, but to enhance or modify a source like pickling vegetables and canning fruit. Historically we’ve seen processes like fermentation and pasteurization which combat harmful pathogens along with more modern adaptations, some of which catapulted by the advent of technology such as freezing and refrigeration. 

These pioneering and instrumental systems have since evolved and been perfected at the household level by like-minded individuals who understood the necessity of making short-term or long-term emergency food last as long as possible. Thanks to proven and reliable methods of dehydration along with high quality air-tight packaging, we now have access to long-term storable food options that can offer a shelf-life of 25 years when kept in the proper environment and containment. 

And when we consider the proper containment, we also look to the elements like weather, rodents, and insects or a compromised seal that can allow air or impurities to accelerate expiration of your supply before its estimated due date. Those who might be living away from populated areas or an off-grid lifestyle may find the need to strategically place a cache of rations in an undisclosed location. At that point your stockpile could be vulnerable to the elements such as inclement weather or curious and hungry natives like bears or wild cats, and prowling scavengers that can detect a compromised nutrient rich source from miles away. Thankfully there’s plenty of rugged and reliable crates or creative methods to keep your rightful storable inventory safe and usable for a lifetime.

Of course, a healthy collection of disaster ready consumables is something you can spend years accumulating for your pantry or emergency shelter, but we’ve reached the age of efficiency where you can effortlessly find preparedness options like individual rations for your bug out bag and short-term emergency foods or obtain an entire 3-to-6-month supply, even a year’s supply of long-term storable foods in bulk to save a substantial amount of hard-fought income at the same time. There are even gluten-free or vegetarian selections that accommodate anyone on a strict diet or those who struggle with food allergies and illnesses that could be affected by certain ingredients. The last thing anyone would want to encounter in a survival situation is falling ill to an adverse reaction or dietary restriction so the thought behind these products is a winning bet. 

One aspect of having a long-term emergency food supply is the footprint it may require and the accommodations needed for portability or transport. Thankfully, there are plenty of on-the-go emergency food options available in the event you find yourself in a sudden, immediate calamity or bug out scenario. Preparedness should always play a part in your bug out bag, and a couple of storable items to consider could be short-term food supplies like super dense, nutrient-rich ration bars or travel friendly chewable supplements that can supply you with up to 3,000 calories in a daily delivery and take up less than a handful of space per serving. 

Another welcome element of long term or short-term storable foods is they also come standard with a user-friendly operating system. You don’t have to be an award-winning chef to prepare a substantial and enjoyable life saving meal. With or without power, indoors or outdoors and if you do have to utilize survival gear like a camp stove, the proper equipment to consider is easy to learn for anyone who is new to this type of food prep. Whether you’re laying low or on the move, you’ll have the confidence to know that you’re stocked with the right gear at your ready and the most vital key to survival under your belt. 

The value and peace of mind that comes with staying one step ahead is always worth its weight. And when you combine the vitamin enriched, highly nutritious recipes and health positive options you’ll have no trouble finding something for everyone. With everything from complete breakfast plans to dinner courses available to sustain our required daily caloric intake and the variety of sides to desserts - you can find familiar and hearty choices of prepared meals that would certainly bring comfort to an otherwise stressful situation. 

With these thoughts in place and our future in mind - how do you feel about your available emergency food supply? If the time comes, storable foods are one of the most effective and secure ways for you and your family to not only sustain, but thrive and persevere through any financial hardship, force of nature or unforeseen event that may occur. And as we maintain our daily well-being in an already hectic world, we ultimately hope the need may never arise. In that case, you will have taken the necessary steps to provide a wonderful and incalculable offering for your next generation of loved ones and future survivalists.


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